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The Hockey News picks

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1 The Hockey News picks on Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:43 pm


Here's The Hockey News forecast for the East and West Conferences:


1. Montreal
2. Pittsburgh
3. Washington
4. Philadelphia
5. Ottawa
6. NY Rangers
7. New Jersey
8. Carolina

9. Tampa Bay
10. Boston
11. Buffalo
12. Florida
13. Atlanta
14. Toronto
15. NY Islanders


1. Detroit
2. San Jose
3. Minnesota
4. Dallas
5. Anaheim
6. Edmonton
7. Chicago
8. Calgary

9. Nashville
10. Phoenix
11. Vancouver
12. Columbus
13. Los Angeles
14. Colorado
15. St. Louis

Obviously I disagre with the Bruins at 10th seeing as how I picked them for 2nd! :D

don't really see how Carolina gets in either. Not with Buffalo - who is
a huge darkhorse IMO and Boston on the outside looking in.

I agree with the West, but then, I don't really care what happens out there.

To make your own assessment of the East (or West) go here:

2 Re: The Hockey News picks on Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:52 pm


west is too wide open IMO to make any prediction. everyone but St. louis and LA could make it

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