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Searching Russian sites -- in English?

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1 Searching Russian sites -- in English? on Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:25 pm


I wanted to look up some Russian sites for info on players (like how is Ray doing?) While I know enough to be able to type stuff in the search bar and read the articles, I don't have the fonts and keyboard mappings installed (have not "Russified" my PC). So I tried going to "" and clicked on the link which (in Russian) said "language tools". Quite surprsingly to me, I could select *my* language independently from the *target* language (by target, I mean what pages it should look for -- Russian only or what).

Hopefully I have not lost everyone yet Smile

By selecting "my" language as English but "Russian" as the target language, I can enter my search terms in English (Mytischi ray emery) but search Russian results. Now, here comes the neat part -- the search results are displayed in two columns, where the right-hand-side shows the original web pages from the search, but the left-hand-side shows the translated versions.

For example, here is one such translated article:|en&u=

Edit: Really hard to post that link. I tried embedding it in some linked text but that didn't work. And simply pasting in the link makes my browser stop at the "pipe" symbol (for you Unix-types; for others, it's the | character). So you have to copy/paste the entire URL above (all three lines of it) into your address box.

I wonder if I could do this with some other languages. For example, start with to search Danish sites for info on Regin, or for Swedish info on Karlsson.

2 it works for Swedish too! on Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:43 pm


Here is a search for Swedish language pages using the search terms "Erik Karlsson Frolunda":

The translated articles are on the left hand side. The original ones in Swedish are on the right.

This is how I went about doing it:

1. Go to
2. To the right of the search keywords box there are three links in small font. The top one is "Advanced Search" (you can tell that one even in Swedish). The one under is "Preferences" and the one under that is "Language Tools". Click that.
3. ...

Wait. I just thought of something. Let me try this out ...

... yep, I feel a little stupid. Follow these steps instead:

1. Load up (or .ca)
2. Click on the "Language Tools" link to the right of the search terms box
3. English should already be selected as "My Language"
4. Select the language of the results you want to search (Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, whatever)
5. Enter your search terms and away you go.

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