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Crash Karma

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1Crash Karma Empty Crash Karma on Wed Feb 03, 2010 2:02 pm


So, their debut album drops in March, looking forward to it. In anticipation, have been listening/watching bootleg videos of their performances, which include covers from all 3 of the former "big 3" members ex bands. They covered 'Fire in the Head', 'One More Astronaut', and 'Clumsy'. I guess since I missed seeing them live before the album, they may not perform too many 'covers' with their new material being released.

So for those who are unaware who they are, Crash Karma is Edwin (I Mother Earth), Mike turner (Our Lady Peace), Jeff Burrows (The Tea Party) and Amir Epstein (Zygote).

Their single "Awake" is in rotation now, has been for the past few months. For fans of Canadian music, especially the mid-to-late 90's scene, this is going to be epic. Imagine if three of the best Canadian bands had a baby - the baby would be Crash Karma. Only person missing would be Ian Thornley, but he wouldn't fit in with Edwin and Mike doing both of his jobs.

Here's the vid of 'Fire in the Head' -

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