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Trade Bonanza 2011! Speculation, Rumours, the Works!

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NEELY wrote:

I know it's been said before but I still can't believe Murray got Anderson for Elliott, that's the best move of the last 3 weeks by an etremely large amount. Murray has done a fantastic job thus far looking at all other trades.

We'll have to beat the Avalanche offer on Anderson.

Hopefully they tell Leclaire to get lost, he cleared waivers (not surprisingly).

Number Twenty Nine

Lepoop clears waivers



Franchise Player
Franchise Player
Hockeyhero22000 wrote:didnt realize shremp was on waivers i thought he was doing decent in NYI

Not that it matters either way, but I would have expected Schremp to end up in Ottawa. McGillicuddy not so much.

Big loser in this: Young Barry Brust.

more to come


Oglethorpe wrote:
SpezDispenser wrote:
Hoags wrote:Jimmy Howard for 2.25M/2 years.

Nice deal for us too. Anderson can't expect too much more than Jimmy Howard, can he?
If Anderson took a 2 year deal at 2.5M per year, I would do cartwheels (not really I'd fall and break my arm trying).

Let's say he signs for more, maybe even up to a million more, that's still less than I thought given his recent play + Vezina type season last year. This can only be positive for negotiations!


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