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Calgary Flames TIDBITS & QUICK HITS!

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1Calgary Flames TIDBITS & QUICK HITS! Empty Calgary Flames TIDBITS & QUICK HITS! on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:42 am


Thought I would start up a new thread similar to the Ottawa thread for the other Canadian team in red out West.

- Daymond Langkow's career is in jeopardy. Last year Langkow took a puck and a hit to the neck, almost in stereo, causing a serious neck injury. He's been having a hard time on the road to recovery and is experiencing numbness in his lower body.

This would be devastating for any player, but some might see this as a blessing for the Flames cap wise.

- With Gio signing that big contract, speculation surrounding Ian White is getting hot. Talk is that contract negotiations aren't going well and that they see him as expendable. Could be trade bait.

Here's the incident from March of last year with Langkow.