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Ottawa Senators (present and past) TIDBITS & QUICK HITS!

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Flo The Action

Franchise Player
Franchise Player
I'm listening to the Dorion interview and I have to say that in general he sees to get it, seems to understand what this team needs and what seemed to work more than the last two coaches we've just had. Seems to say some of the stuff we've been saying for years. More than Brian Murray seemed to get it.

Judging by this interview he came off a little cocky, in a good way! Should make for some interesting sound bites and future interview.


spader wrote:
LeCaptain wrote:Sounds like Dorion doesn't want to give Ceci long term yet, after listening to his interview on The Drive

I think they're justified asking Ceci to earn his paycheque and take a bridge. He's been good, but if they see him as a long-term option, I don't know if he's done enough yet.

I really agree, no need to go too long right now.


Hoffside wrote:
wprager wrote:


I meant should I PM you my choice....I'll take that as a yes.  Not certain Hoffside will stick

Well now I know how.


Flo The Action wrote:
rooneypoo wrote:
wprager wrote:
PTFlea wrote:Definitely.  I think everyone's very pleased to move on from that one and now move into what could be a tougher one with Ceci after Dekeyser's Great Day.

Oh, crap, you're right.  How much is mama's cooking worth to Cody, I wonder?  Sens have $8.8M cap space left.  If Ceci gets anywhere near $5M they will be just $4M under the cap.  Last year only 13 teams in the league were under $5M in cap room.  Toronto were almost exactly at $4M and were 10th highest (cap) in the league.  Could be the Sens will be in the top-third or very close.  What does that do to the "budget" talk?


OTT has done nothing but lock up all its key young players, year over year, since people starting talking about this. And you're right, I think Ceci earns at least a $3 mil / year deal, pushing our cap up to $68~ mil.

The problem is people say' budget' and they don't have a clear idea of what they're actually trying to communicate. I believe the Sens have an internal budget, under the cap but well over the floor. But if your budget is $70~ mil ish, which is what it's looking like at this point, and your cap is $73 mil, then it's a pretty minute point to insist on. Meaningless, really.

Anyway, we've been smart with our cap and salary commitments long term. Turris and Stone will need new contracts in 2 years, and so will Anderson (or we'll need a new goalie). Karlsson (and Methot, if he's still here) are up the year after that. The people who think the Sens don't spend on UFA day because they're cheap are myopic and just don't see the long term impact of stupid UFA spending. Do you think that, if NYI could go back in time, they would still give out $9 mil /yr to Grabo and Kulemin via UFA if they had realized it would cost them Okposo?

People can be so stubborn and short sighted on this question.
I think that's a crock of Dung. Yeah we all know the org operates under their own budget and you can't be counting players new contracts in 2 -3 years. You know what other teams do when they operate closer to the cap ceiling because of FA? They end up trading players and recuperating assets. So sorry if I don't buy into that scenario that we are holding off for future contracts. We could easily invest on a one or two year contract on a guy like Hudler for the third line and not have a problem with the cap.
And the isles had the space to resign okposo, they too operate under a self imposed budget. They were the masters of their own destiny and their own budget cost them. I wouldn't place the blame on just sayin they made bad decisions.

Truth is this self imposed budget IS hampering us from putting he best competitive team out there.
It plays into how we handle making trades(like having to move out our bad contracts in one like the phaneuf trade) so don't start coming in here telling anyone that's got a problem with the budget mentality that they are day dreaming. That's bull

If anyone thinks we're one Hudler away from a cup, they're dreaming. End of story.


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